How to collect diagnostics from any device

If you encounter an issue, it can be helpful to send diagnostics to our support team to find a solution. In this guide, you will learn how to do so on different devices.

NOTE: When sending diagnostics, make sure you're disconnected from the VPN.

We will go through:

  1. Collecting diagnostics on Windows
  2. Collecting diagnostics on Android
  3. Collecting diagnostics on macOS
  4. Collecting diagnostics on iOS


Collecting diagnostics on Windows

  1. Open up the Surfshark app and enter Settings by clicking the cog icon on the left. 

  2. Once there, click on Get Help.

  3. In the following screen, click on Troubleshooting tools.

  4. A new window will pop up. Click on Collect diagnostics.

  5. Enter any additional comments describing your issue if necessary. You can change the email you will be contacted through by the support team. When you are done, click on Collect diagnostics again.


Collecting diagnostics on Android

  1. Open up the Surfshark app on your Android device and tap the Settings icon on the right.

  2. Tap on Get help.

  3. Tap on Report a bug.

  4. You can describe your issue in more detail and tap Send.

Collecting diagnostics on macOS

  1. Open up the Surfshark app on your macOS and click the Settings button on the left.

  2. Click on Get help.

  3. Now, click on Still having issues?

  4. Press on Report a bug.

  5. Fill in the optional details in the Description box, and send the diagnostics by clicking Send.

Collecting diagnostics on iOS


  1. Open up the Surfshark app and tap on Settings.

  2. Next up, tap on Get help.

  3. Now, go ahead and tap on Report a bug.

  4. Enter your email address. You can also enter more details about your issue if you wish. Once done, tap Send.

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