I'm getting an error

Reasons for getting error messages are usually related to connectivity, your current location, or your network. 


Here is what you can try to fix the issue:

  • Try updating the application. The latest versions of Surfshark have the latest security measures and bug fixes. Having an older version can cause errors;

  • Make sure that no other VPN service is running at all while using Surfshark;

  • Try connecting to Surfshark on a different network, e.g. instead of Wi-Fi, use mobile data or a different Wi-Fi network;

  • If you are in a country with heavy network restrictions, you may see Error 403 or the Unable to reach systems error. In this case, please refer to these steps;

  • If you are using a custom firewall or anti-virus application, disable it or make an exception for Surfshark services - you can find guides on how to do so on our Help Center;

  • Also, try to reinstall the Surfshark app, restarting your device and your router;

  • If you see the Surfshark background service is not running error, please check out this article.

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