How to use the webcam protection feature on Windows

You've probably heard that hackers can basically do anything with your computer, even enable your webcam and record everything you do, while disabling the small light next to your webcam, which indicates that the webcam is enabled.


Well, we at Surfshark care about your privacy, so meet the newest addition to our features - the Surfshark webcam protection.


Currently, the feature is only available for Windows and macOS users, but we will be introducing the feature to other operating systems gradually.


  1. Open the Surfshark application and navigate to the Antivirus tab.

  2. Here, you will find the Webcam protection feature. If you have not used it before, you will have to install it. Do so by pressing the install button.

    Once the installation finishes, the feature will be ready for use.

  3. Now you can toggle 

  4. In this case, we selected the Camera app to always have access. To do so, click on Manage app list.

    Once you do - a list will pop up. Here you can manage which apps can access your webcam.

    NOTE: only the applications in the allow list will be able to access your webcam.

    Once you make your choices, they will appear in the app list.

  5. Lastly, we would recommend restarting your device for the changes to fully take effect.

Now you know how to use the webcam blocker feature.


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