What is Dynamic MultiHop and how to use it?


Dynamic MultiHop allows you to create your own multihop server configuration within the app, making it fully customizable to your liking.


How to use dynamic MultiHop?


The steps you are about to see have been made on a macOS device, but an identical procedure applies to all other devices.


  1. Open the Surfshark application, and under the locations tab, select Multihop and click Create Connection.


  2. In the first window, select your Entry Location from the list below.


  3. Next, select your Exit Location


  4. Your custom Multihop connection has been created! In our case, we used the US as our entry location, and Germany as our exit location.

    To connect to the server, click Connect. To go back to the list, click View list.


  5. If you would like to delete any of the connections you create, click the Delete button next to your multihop configuration, and in the new pop-up, Delete again.


Hey, now you know how to use the Dynamic MultiHop feature, and extend your security even further!

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