Why am I receiving Captcha requests?

You know those annoying prompts where you have to confirm that "You are not a robot", right? Or those where you even have to select specific pictures of a car, boat, or anything else. Yeah, we know they can cause some frustration... But no worries, we also know how to eliminate this issue and make your browsing experience better! 


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Why am I receiving Captcha requests?


When you connect to a Surfshark server, you get a new IP address. As you probably know, the same IP address is also used by other Surfshark customers. As we have many active customers that are constantly connected, there is a high chance of you trying to access the same website with the same IP address at the same time as other customers.

This will usually cause the Captcha prompt to pop out, as the website you are trying to access thinks that automated machines cause these multiple requests from the same IP address simultaneously. The Captcha prompt pops out as a security measure to stop any spamming purposes possible in this situation, and you then must click the "I am not a robot" button or select the requested pictures.


How can I bypass Captcha requests?


The solution is really easy. Connect to a different server that has less load on the server. The load of the server is indicated by a bubble on the right side of the server name. The less the bubble is filled, the less the server is populated. This reduces the chance of you accessing the same website with the same IP address as a different Surfshark customer.
If you wish to stay on the same server you are currently on, try disconnecting from it and connecting again. Usually, you will get a different IP address, which will also likely resolve the issue.


Congratulations! Now you know how Captcha requests are generated, why you are receiving them, and how to fight these annoying creatures.



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