How to set custom DNS on AsusWRT or Asus Merlin routers?

In this tutorial, you will learn how to configure custom DNS addresses on your AsusWRT or Asus Merlin routers in a few simple steps.


Setting up custom DNS servers on your router can be very beneficial as they will prevent potential DNS leaks in the VPN connection and improve the overall connectivity.

For this tutorial, you will need a router running AsusWRT or Asus Merlin firmware to follow along.


Let's get started!


  1. Open your preferred browser and type in the Default Gateway address into your browser's URL address bar. In most cases, by default, it is
    Keep in mind that your router might have a different default gateway. Check the backside of your router to find the default gateway of your particular router.

  2. You will see the login prompt. If you have never configured your router before, the credentials should be admin/admin or admin without a password. You can also check the back of your router for the default credentials.


  3. Once you log in, click on the WAN tab in the Advanced Settings section.


  4. You will find the WAN DNS Settings tab there. Press on the NO option next to Connect to DNS server automatically.


  5. In the DNS Server1 and DNS Server2 tabs, enter the following DNS addresses:


  6. To save the changes, press Apply and restart your router.



Congratulations! You have learned how to configure custom DNS addresses on your AsusWRT or Asus Merlin router!



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