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How to use Whitelister™ for Windows?

We want you to be able to control your connectivity and to be able to choose when and what to use Surfshark for. Whitelister™ is one of our smart features found on Surfshark apps for Windows and Android, and it does exactly that.

Essentially, Whitelister™ allows you to use the VPN all the time but have a list of websites and apps that would go around the VPN. Whitelisted items have direct access to the internet and carry your real IP.

What do you need it for? Use Whitelister™ for online banking, which is not recommended with a VPN, or to access your network printer and leave the rest of your device traffic secured with Surfshark. Whitelister™ will work great for your local apps and websites that require your true IP.

How to use the Whitelister™ feature?

Please check out the GIF below on how to setup Whitelister™ for apps and websites. 


Note: both features can be disabled by pressing the blue buttons next to them. That way you don't have to clear the settings you've made and you can use them whenever convenient. 

Send us a message in a bottle if you have questions about Surshark!

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