How to change the App Store region on iOS

This guide will show you how to change the App Store region on your iOS device in case you want to download apps from outside your region.


To change the App Store region on iOS, follow these steps:

  1. Launch Settings from your home screen and tap on your Apple ID.

  2. Tap Media & Purchases

  3. Tap View Account.

  4. Now, tap Country/Region.

    After, tap on Change Country or Region.

  5. Now, you can select your new country/region. Tap on the one you wish to change to.

  6. Review Apple's Terms & Conditions. Once done, tap Agree in the top right corner.

  7. Afterward, select a payment method, enter your new payment information and billing address, and then tap Next. You must enter a valid payment method for your new country or region.

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