Will WhatsApp work with Surfshark?

This article will show you how to use Surfshark with the WhatsApp application. 


In some countries, WhatsApp might not be available on the Play Store. In this case, use this link to download WhatsApp on Android devices.


After installing Surfshark and WhatsApp, you can start setting it up for the connection.

  1. Open Surfshark and connect to a location of your choice. You can make sure that the connection was successful by following this tutorial


    If you are currently in a country with network restrictions, refer to this article to properly establish the VPN connection. 

  2. Once you are connected to Surfshark successfully, launch the WhatsApp application.


    Try to make a call to check whether Surfshark works with WhatsApp.


In case you are having issues, try the following suggestions:

  • Test WhatsApp with a different location on the Surfshark application;
  • Change the protocol on the Surfshark app. You will find this option if you go to Settings -> VPN Settings -> Protocol. Try OpenVPN (UDP), WireGuard and OpenVPN (TCP) protocols;
  • Also, try disabling other features, like CleanWeb and Bypasser.



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