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How to retrieve logs from Asus router?

Router connection logs usually help to identify the problem of connection issues.

Follow this tutorial if you need to retrieve logs from your Asus router.

  1.  Go to Advanced Settings -> System Log -> General Log


  2. Click the Clear button to clear previous logs


  3. Previous logs will be cleared and the logs page will become blank.


  4. Go back to the OpenVPN profile. You will find it again if you go to VPN -> VPN Client and click Activate.


  5. Now fresh connection logs will be generated. So go back to Advanced Settings -> System Log -> General Log. 

    You will see new connection logs. You can try to find the problem yourself, but if you're not sure what might be wrong there, copy the new log.


  6. Now you can start a new chat and send this log to our Customer Support team. Also, you can send the log to us as a plain text via email support@surfhark.com

    If the log is quite long, you don't need to send us the whole text. 30-50 lines are just fine.



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