How to use a mobile hotspot

As you may already know, mobile phones can use Wi-Fi, mobile data, or even Ethernet connection to connect to the internet. You can share this connection with other devices (that can connect to Wi-Fi networks) by turning on the hotspot feature on your phone.


Here's how to share a mobile hotspot connection:


  1. Firstly, on your phone's drop-down menu, turn off Wi-Fi and turn on Mobile Data.


  2. If you have never used the hotspot feature before, you will need to configure it by setting a name and a password. You can enter any name and password you'd like.


  3. Now, on the Hotspot settings page, turn on the hotspot by tapping the switch.


  4. Once turned on, the Hotspot network will appear as a newly available network in your environment. If you are using a Windows device, click the Wi-Fi icon on your toolbar, and you will find the new network. Just tap on it and connect as you would to any Wi-Fi network.


  5. Enter the password that you previously set and click Next.


  6. You should now be connected to your hotspot network.


Congratulations - you successfully set up and connected to a mobile hotspot!


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