Can I watch YouTube with Surfshark?

In this tutorial, you will learn how to watch YouTube from anywhere using Surfshark.

First of all, to use Surfshark you need to have an active Surfshark subscription to follow along.

Don’t have a subscription yet? Check out Surfshark plans.

We will go through the following:

  1. Why can't I watch YouTube in some places?
  2. How to watch YouTube with Surfshark

Why can't I watch YouTube in some places?

There are cases when YouTube is unreachable with restricted networks, such as workplaces, schools, and universities.
In some countries, YouTube is entirely restricted. Surfshark can help you overcome such restrictions to safely watch your favorite videos on YouTube anywhere. 

How to watch YouTube with Surfshark?

  1. Connect to your preferred server using the Surfshark app. 
    NOTE: Surfshark can run on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux. You can also set it up on some TVs, consoles, or routers.

  2. Open YouTube using a browser or the YouTube application.

  3. In case you are having issues, please make sure that Surfshark is connected and clear the cache of your browser. If you are using the YouTube app, try reinstalling it.

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