What is the GPS override feature and how to use it

This guide will explain to you the GPS override feature and its use cases.


On Surfshark’s app for Android, you will find a setting to override GPS location. This feature is also known as fake GPS, mock GPS, or GPS spoofing. 


What is GPS override?


Most smartphones nowadays have a GPS function that allows finding your exact location. This function is often used by applications that require your physical location to provide the service or some specific features. Some examples of such apps would be:


  • Uber (finds your location so the driver would know where to pick you up)
  • Google Maps (indicates your physical location as a starting point of your chosen route) 
  • Snapchat ( shows your location on the map, so your friends know where you are)


Many apps that do not even need to know your actual location have access to this function on your phone, e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Airbnb, and Messenger. 

This constant tracking might become inconvenient and frustrating, sometimes, having in mind that VPN alone can not override your GPS location. That's why spoofing your GPS tracking might come in handy.


GPS override use cases


If you enable this feature on the Surfshark app, it will automatically match your GPS location with your chosen server's location. That will be useful if:

  • You're tired of many apps being able to see your location at all times
  • Wish to use some app that only provides its service in specific countries


How to activate GPS override


You can activate the GPS override feature on your Android device within the Surfshark settings. Here is a guide on how to do it. 



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