What is NoBorders and how to use it?

The Internet should be open to everyone. NoBorders is a feature that allows you to use Surfshark in restrictive regions with no issues. Suppose your Surfshark app detects any kind of restrictions on your network. In that case, it automatically enables the NoBorders mode, which gives you a selected list of servers that perform the best under network restrictions.


Normally, NoBorders mode will turn on automatically whenever needed. However, you can turn it on manually as well.  

Here is how to:



Turn on NoBorders on Windows


  1. Launch your Surfshark app and open the Settings tab.


  2. Open the Advanced tab.


  3. This is where you will find the NoBorders mode. Toggle the switch to turn NoBorders on, and toggle it again to disable the feature.



Turn on NoBorders on Android


  1. Start your Surfshark app and go to Settings.


  2. Proceed to the VPN settings tab.


  3. You will see the Protocol tab here. Tap on it and hold for 3 seconds.


  4. Scroll down and click on Advanced settings.


  5. Here you will find the NoBorders feature, toggle it on or off.



Turn on NoBorders on iOS


  1. Open your Surfshark app and go to Settings.


  2. At the bottom of the Settings page, you will find an option to turn NoBorders on or off.



Turn on NoBorders on macOS


  1. Start your Surfshark app. Then click 5 times on the Settings tab.


  2. Open the Settings tab and scroll all the way to the bottom. This is where you will find an option to turn NoBorders on or off.



Congratulations - now you know how to turn on NoBorders mode and why it's useful!



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