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What is Camouflage mode?

What is Camouflage Mode? 


That is what we call traffic obfuscation at Surfshark. 


What is obfuscation? 

Camouflage Mode, or so-called obfuscation, is a technology used to make your connection seem like normal traffic. It eliminates VPN traces on your network.


What is it used for?

Its main purpose is to fight against content filtering and blocking. By using this technology you hide your traffic and make it exceedingly difficult to spy on you. Governments also tend to block standard VPN ports. Obfuscation uses ports on customer’s network that are open most of the time to establish a secure connection.

Is my traffic still secure while using Camouflage Mode?

The short answer is yes. Obfuscation, or Camouflage Mode, does not decrypt your connection. It only makes it look like regular internet traffic which raises fewer red flags in regions where using VPN is restricted. 

How to turn on the Camouflage mode?
There is no button to turn on the  Camouflage mode. However, it is enabled automatically when you connect to our servers using OpenVPN (TCP or UDP) protocols. You will find an option to change the protocol in the settings page of Surfshark.



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