What is Camouflage mode?

In this article, you will learn what obfuscated servers are and how they work.

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  1. What is Camouflage mode?
  2. How does Camouflage mode work?

What is Camouflage mode?

Camouflage mode, also called Obfuscation, is one of many Surfshark features that make your connectivity look like a regular internet connection from the outside. It does so by removing any VPN traces on your connection.

This mode does not lower your security and even enhances it.

How does Camouflage mode work?

The Camouflage mode's primary purpose is to bypass any content filtering by hiding your traffic and making it exceedingly difficult to monitor your activities. If your country blocks VPN ports, Obfuscation uses your current network ports for a secure connection.

Camouflage mode runs automatically when you connect to our servers using OpenVPN (UDP or TCP) protocols. You will find an option to change the protocol in the Settings menu of the Surfshark application.


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