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How to set up OpenVPN on macOS?

In this tutorial, you will learn how to set up the Tunnelblick app on your macOS device. This app is an alternative way of connecting to Surfshark servers that will come in handy if the Surfshark VPN app can not be installed on your Mac or it does not perform as expected.

You will need a device running macOS operating system and an active Surfshark subscription. If you don’t have the subscription yet, you can get it here.

You will learn how to:


Get your credentials


            You will need Surfshark service credentials in order to connect to the VPN using a manual OpenVPN connection. Do not confuse these with your regular credentials, namely your email address and a password.

Here is how you can get your Surfshark credentials:

  1. Go to this page of surfshark.com. This is the page where all details required for manual connection are stored.

    You may need to log in before proceeding to this page. In that case, enter your email address and your password, then click Log in.

  2. Scroll down to the bottom of that page. You will find Surfshark service credentials there. It is a good idea to keep this page open for now. You will need these credentials a bit later.



Download configuration files


          Every server has a configuration file that you will need to use to connect to the VPN server. You can download all configuration files from the Surfshark website.

  1. Go to this page. It’s the same page where you find Surfshark service credentials.

  2. Find the list of servers.


  3. Download configuration files of your preferred location. If you wish to connect to Poland, download the Poland - Warsaw or Poland - Gdansk configuration file. If you prefer connecting to Finland, download the configuration file for Finland - Helsinki.

    Move the cursor on the flag icon of your chosen location. Then choose which file to download - UDP or TCP. Those are 2 different VPN protocols. We recommend the UDP protocol because usually, it is faster, but feel free to read more about different protocols and decide yourself. 



Download the App


  1. Firstly, go to the official Tunnelblick website.

  2. Click the green arrow to download the latest Tunnelblick version.


  3. Locate the downloaded installation package in the Downloads or Recents folder on your Mac.


Install the app


  1. To start the installation process, double-click on the Tunnelblick installation package that is located in your Downloads or Recents folder.


  2. Double-click the Tunnelblick icon in the next window.


  3. Confirm the action by pressing Open.


  4. Set your preferences for the Tunnelblick app and click Continue.

    You can leave the default entries.


  5. Click I have configuration files. You have downloaded them in the second part of this guide.


  6. Click OK.


  7. Now open the Downloads folder of your Mac and locate previously downloaded Surfshark configuration files.


  8. Now open the Tunnelblick app by clicking on the Tunnelblick icon in the menu bar.


  9. You will now need to install the configuration file. Click on the configuration file in your Downloads folder and drag it to the Configurations area in the Tunnelblick app.

    You can also install configuration files without opening the Tunnelblick app, but by dragging them to the Tunnelblick icon in the menu bar.


  10. You will see this pop-up, select Only Me.


  11. You may need to enter your admin credentials to perform this action.

    Enter the password of your Mac admin account and press OK.


  12. Installed configuration files will appear in the Configurations section of the Tunnelblick app.



Connect to the VPN


  1. To connect to your preferred VPN location, click on the configuration file of a specific location. Then press Connect.


  2. Enter Surfshark service credentials and click OK.

    Those are service credentials that you have collected in the first part of this tutorial. Do not confuse these with your regular Surfshark credentials, namely your email address and a password.


  3. You will see a pop-up window showing connection status in the top-right corner of your screen.

    It will stay yellow while connecting.


    Then it will turn green after a successful connection.


  4. To disconnect from the VPN, click the Disconnect button.


  5. To connect to a different location do this:

    1. Download configuration files of your preferred location
    2. Install new configuration files and connect to the VPN


Congratulations - you have successfully installed and configured Tunnelblick app! As long as you’re connected, your location is private and your sensitive data is secure.

If you have any further questions, our customer success team is here to help you 24/7 over live chat or email.

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