Why am I unable to make a payment?

There can be various reasons why your initial payment didn't go through. This article will go through all possibilities.


We highly recommend not making subsequent payments one after another to prevent multiple accidental charges. In case that happens, please feel free to contact us using the live chat feature below this article so we could issue a refund for the subsequent unintended payments.


First and foremost, reach out to your bank to check whether they have any information regarding your failed payment and your account's condition. Make sure that your bank allows international payments. Be aware that we do accept some specific gift or prepaid cards. There is one exception - prepaid cards that belong to Visa and Mastercard schemes can be used to purchase Surfshark.


Other possible payment issues can happen:

  • Your credit/debit card lacks the funds to make this payment.
  • The information you provided when attempting the purchase didn't match that credit/debit card's info.
  • The card is expired.
  • Fraud detection. Payment could become a fraud if you make the payment while connected to a VPN or Proxy. 
  • Your bank could also decline a transaction. Contact your bank to clear the payment and permit future payments to Surfshark.


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