What is a Dedicated IP?

We are presenting to you a new way to protect your privacy with Surfshark - the Dedicated IP feature.

What is a dedicated IP?


A Surfshark dedicated IP is a private VPN IP address, which belongs to you, and only you.


Purchasing the Dedicated IP address will allow you to receive your own Surfshark IP address, which is not reachable by other Surfshark users, and there are a few benefits to this:

  • Works with all protocols. You don't have to choose between website speed and a fixed IP. Our Dedicated IP works with all our protocols, even WireGuard®, for maximum speed.

  • No more Captcha requests. Captcha requests are a common issue while using a standard VPN, as a lot of users might be using the same IP address as you are, this Google prompting you Captcha requests. A dedicated IP instantly solves this issue, as websites no longer receive multiple requests.

  • Better network performance. While using a dedicated IP, your network should become quicker than while using a normal VPN server, as for a dedicated IP you will be the only person generating traffic.

  • Greater security and privacy. As you are the only one using the IP address, there is a far lesser chance of malicious traffic.

  • Eases accessing remote networks. Assessing networks remotely with a shared VPN server is tricky since you never know what address you'll get whenever you connect. That's not an issue with a dedicated static IP.


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