I lost or forgot my password

In this article, you will learn what to do if you lose or forget your password.


We will discuss the following options:

  1. Reset your password
  2. Change your email address


Reset your password


  1. Go to the reset password page

  2. Enter your email address and press the Get reset link button.

    NOTE: This solution works even if you have had no password since registering.

  3. Head to your email inbox, where you'll find a letter from Surfshark named Reset your Surfshark password. Open this letter and press Change my password.

  4. On the following page, enter your new password, repeat it, and press Save new password.

  5. If you have not received a password reset letter, it could be that it has landed in your email's spam/junk folder or that you have created your account under a different email address.

Change your email address 


For your account's safety, there is no option to change the registered email via Surfshark apps or Surfshark website. If you've forgotten the registered email, please contact the Surfshark customer success team. Be prepared to provide some payment details as proof of your identity.

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