Do you offer dedicated IPs?

At the moment, Surfshark does not offer dedicated IPs. Our Product team already has this on their roadmap but feel free to drop us a message as it would help us prioritize. The more requests we get - the faster a new feature is delivered. In the meantime, here's an alternative that should help. 

We currently offer Static Servers to our customers. We have many different servers in each location. Therefore, if you connect to a New York location, you might get a different IP address each time. However, if you connect to a Static Server, you will be provided with the same IP each time. These servers are available in the Surfshark application on Android, Windows, iOS, and macOS.



The drawback of a static server over a dedicated IP is that other customers will also be using the same IP, so they will not be entirely yours. So, if all you need is to have the same IP address every time - a Static Server will do the trick!



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