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How to check if my email address was breached using HackLock feature?

In this guide, we will show you how to simply check for the breaches on your added email address using our HackLock feature.


Adding your new email to HackLock is simple:

Log in to your Surfshark account via website and click on HackLock tab. 

After doing so, if you wish to add an email to HackLock, just click "Add new email" 

You will receive a confirmation to that added email address in order to activate it. 



Viewing data leaks that your email was in: 

In order to view that, you have to be logged in to your account via our website and have HackLock section opened. 

Click on the little downwards arrows to expand the leaks near the added email address. 


After expanding it, you will see all the leaks that have your email address in it. 



Also, you will be able to see the date of the leak and make it "Mark as read". 

That's it! We are keeping our customers updated via email notifications about any leaks that we find on the internet. So if you don't want to check your account page every day, just look for email notifications and that's it! 

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact our Customer Success Sharks anytime - they will help you out!

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