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How to use P2P (Torrents) with Surfshark?

At Surfshark we use special servers for secure P2P traffic. Once you start running any P2P app, you will be automatically connected to the closest available P2P server. 

No additional set up needs to be done in our applications to safely connect to P2P servers, because your both P2P and normal traffic are already protected.

P2P connections include streaming players like Ace Player, VLC or PopcornTime, as well as torrent software like BitTorrent, qBitTorrent, Transmission, Vuze or uTorrent.

Before running any torrents traffic, make sure your connection to the Surfshark server was successful. You may refer to this article to do that.


If you have any further questions, feel free to contact our Customer Success Sharks anytime - they will help you out!

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